As a small business owner, media buyer, or entrepreneur have a product or services you want to sell online. You are asking yourself how you should distribute your online marketing budget “Should I invest more in mobile advertising?”

The news and trends globally are answering, “Yes.” With trillions of global searches on Google per year, and over half of those searches happening on smartphones and tablets, it’s clear that the question is not “If” you should invest in mobile marketing, but “when you should invest.

According to Google Senior Vice President of Advertising and Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, the mobile ad marketing revolution is on. “Mobile changes everything. It’s happening right now. More than half the world searches the Web on mobile devices.”

The Mobile Advertising Revolution is On

Mobile ad spending is expected to top $100 billion globally in 2016, capturing 51% of the digital ad market–a majority in mobile ads, for the first time ever. The $100 billion figure represents a 430% increase from 2013. The U.S. and China will account for 62% of global ad spending on mobile devices this year.

U.S. advertisers alone will spend over $40 billion on mobile advertising in 2016. This represents around $130 per U.S. resident. And, mobile ad viewers are responsive. Mobile ads through Google are designed to tailor-make the visibility of their (your) ads dovetail with users’ shopping or search habits in a highly personalized way.

“The technology behind store visits is revolutionary,” says Jerry Dischler, Google VP of Search Ads, in a recent talk as part of a recent Google Performance Summit. “Location-related mobile searches are growing 50% faster than mobile searches overall, just in the past year,” Dischler adds. This should perk up the ears small business owners who may fret over online ad budgets. What else should draw their interest? Dischler also says, “30% of all mobile-related searches are location-related. 90% of actual purchases prompted by mobile ad searches will still happen in brick and mortar stores.”

The Focus on Mobile Advertising

Focusing on local advertising online–specifically, on doing a Mobile Preferred Ads campaign through Google, via an Enhanced Campaign, which will get your ad content creations seen on literally any screen any given user is searching on. This means that it will hit those in your location, searching for your products or services searching on smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

You simply create the text ads the same way you would in a standard Google AdWords campaign, but through the Enhanced Campaigns Mobile Preferred Ads feature, anyone searching anywhere typing in your keywords will see your ad on their device.

Mobile device users are out on the go, generally, or are much more apt to have at least the ad make an impression upon them. The Google mobile ad feature also makes the ad even more attractive by making them more relevant and searchable to users who are looking for that very product or service, so won’t be offended by the “irrelevant pop-up.”

These ads are designed to seamlessly converge with on-the-go user habits, as Dischler points out in his Google talk.

Connecting Mobile Showrooms to the Physical Showroom

Another fantastic statistic shared by Dichsler is that fully one-third of those who click on the search ad will visit the actual, physical store location. In the case of Jerome’s Furniture, located in Southern California, their 82% rise in investment in mobile advertising produced a 93% increase in sales. “These brands are delivering in the moments that matter by providing useful, local information to users looking to buy according to those exact parameters,” says Dischler. Other facts related in the Google Performance Summit that prove that mobile ads are bringing more customers into brick-and-mortar store locations:

Making the Statistics Profitable For You

The study related in the recent Google Summit Conference described many staggering statistics that, if well harnessed by business owners and media buyers, will deliver a huge payoff. Another of these standout figures: mobile ads proved a 25-to1 ROI for mobile ad buyers. So, what are you waiting for?

I am a certified Google Advertising Partner skilled in Google Analytics. I manage AdWords accounts for companies with advertising budgets from $500 -$30,000 per month, and have increased the return on advertising investment for clients up to 350%. I am confident I can help you improve your AdWords advertising and accomplish your advertising goals.

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