Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that the search engines effectively know the relevant searches that are a good fit for your business. The first key to any successful SEO marketing campaign is to understand the type of business you have and what works best for digital marketing efforts for this specific type of company.

While it can be quite a task to get the desired results from any type of SEO campaign, the efforts for a local business take a different and more savvy approach than a national business. In fact, if you are looking for faster, more dramatic results, you might want to consider putting your company’s marketing in the hands of professionals who gather data and do research to ensure the best campaigns possible for each type of business.

What Makes Local SEO Campaigns Different?

If you are familiar with online marketing at all, you have most likely heard the terms local SEO and Organic SEO. These are two distinct types of marketing efforts that each require a basic set of skills for a successful campaign. It is most important to know how they are alike as well as the differences between the two to effectively market your business.

Local SEO Marketing – A local search is one that contains a geographical aspect. When a search is performed for an industry in a certain location, the local SEO marketing efforts are recognized by search engines and they deliver results that include choices in the area.  

Organic SEO Marketing –  An organic search is one where search engines look to the organic SEO marketing indicators which indicate that there is no local intent in the search. The search engine then decides that the search should result in general information instead of a specific geographical location.

How Search Engines Work

How do the search engines determine which local results or organic results are best suited for the specific search? They use a variety of factors to index and rank your website during a search including key words and links that appear on your pages.

Benefits of Local SEO Campaigns

If you own a local business, meaning that you have a physical brick and mortar business in a specific area, experienced marketing companies would set a goal for you to rank very high when a local search is performed. The person searching is typically looking for a local place to go for a product or service, and you want to be there when they are looking. In fact, it is the sole purpose of your entire website and online presence!

It is crucial that you contact a marketing professional to help achieve these high rankings in relevant local searches because a whopping half of those searching visit these businesses within a day of their local search.

Most experts would agree that the most important optimization factor in a local search is location, location, location. Search engines simply cannot include your business in a search for a specific area if they cannot identify exactly where you are. Here are some other ways successful marketing gurus increase the visibility of a business and raise their search ranking:

Techniques for a Successful Local SEO Campaign

  • NAP – Make sure the name of your business the address, and phone number (NAP) are written and formatted in a consistent manner on your website and in each local listing directory that you use.
  • Solicit Local Reviews – Do not underestimate the power of local reviews on search results. Solicit reviews from your customers on sites such as Yelp, Google Reviews, and TripAdvisor to help raise your rank in local searches.
  • Use Your Website Wisely– As you might suspect, what you have on your website pages has a huge impact in search listings and rankings. Using your city and well thought out keywords on landing pages and tags is what the savvy marketers do to help their clients achieve top search rankings.
  • Build Links– Although often overlooked, link building in local SEO campaigns is a useful way to increase your visibility to search engines. Experts in local SEO know inbound and outbound links are extremely effective when used in marketing campaigns.

Ready to Raise Your Search Engine Ranking?

If these tips sound like a good idea, but you are still a bit overwhelmed as to what exactly you need to do to improve the profit margins of your business by maximizing your quality score, that is completely understandable. Don’t be afraid to reach out to digital marketing professionals with years of experience in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. It is literally their business to offer you a broad base of knowledge on solutions to improve your search rankings.    

Digital Zetta Marketing Consultants uses tried and true techniques that provide account optimization, landing page relevance, keyword selections and more. If you are concerned that you can’t afford professional digital marketing services, you should know that these digital gurus work with companies with a marketing budget from as little as $500 up to a whopping $30,000 per month. They can help small businesses build and maintain effective Search Engine (SEM) programs that increase leads and sales and, ultimately, take your SEM to the next level. Here’s how:

Professional Digital Marketing Solutions

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Management (Pay-Per-Click Management)
  • Content Marketing Strategy

Let us help your business rise in the SEO ranks. Contact us today!

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