Grow Your Small Business with Local Advertising

It’s popular in this modern age to talk about internet or digital marketing. Yet, did you know that traditional local advertising still makes quite an impact on the growth of your business? Now more than ever it’s vital to explore what your local marketing will do for your enterprise. Even with people using their smartphones all the time to be on the web, 4 out of 5 people want to see local advertising when they are on the internet.

 That includes things that relate to the area that they live in. They don’t want to see ads for places that are in far away areas. What good does that do them? Most of the places they frequent to buy their goods and services are going to be local. Devoting some of your marketing budget towards local advertising is ultimately going to help your company grow and flourish.

Up Your SEO Game

  It’s true that more than half of people who use the internet, access that service with their smartphones. Desktops, laptops, and even tablets are becoming a bit outdated. Now people can look up what they need on the go, wherever they are. What that means for your business is that you need to be found locally.

  You need to work on your SEO, so that what you are offering through your small business shows up in Google analytics. Up your SEO game the right way. The reason being is that 50 percent of people who looked up a business on their smartphone, visited that business the very same day. That’s a powerful stat that should be taken into consideration.

A Big Tip About Your Website

 This might go without saying, but make sure your website is running well with a mobile version. People will not look at a website that isn’t showing up right on their smartphone. Making sure your website is up-to-date should be a priority. They will look elsewhere quickly if your web page doesn’t load within three seconds. That’s an actual stat that marketing professionals have tested time and time again.

  Also if you don’t have a website, now is the time to step up and join the modern area. Since our world is so internet focused now, people look at companies suspiciously if they don’t have a website. That’s not going to bring in business. You don’t want to lose potential revenue, by not utilizing the web.

Locally Focus Your Web Page

By locally focusing your web page, people are going to be able to find you easier. It’s that simple. That means you need to have your address right up front on your web page, with pictures that showcase your business. Make sure you get those professionally done. A few smartphone snapshots from your nephew isn’t going to cut it.

Keywords on each page of your site that relate to your business will also help it show up better on searches that people are doing for things in their local area.

Invest In Search Engine Ads

This means signing up for Google+ Business, Yahoo Localworks and PPC Advertising. This will get your business showcased on their local directory sites, so people have a better chance of finding you. Google Business will specifically get your company to show up in Google analytics searches much higher on the list as opposed to others that might be your competition.

For example, say you run a party supply store in Cleveland on the westside. There are six other party supply stores in that area, but with Google Business you will ensure that your store shows up first on someone’s Google search for “party supply store westside Cleveland.” They are much more likely to click on you if you show up first on the search listing.

A Word About Traditional Methods

Much of your advertising budget is going to be locally focused, but don’t forget about traditional methods of local advertising to bring in customers. That includes local newspapers, flyers that get mailed to houses in your area, and local magazines. There are many places that you might want to investigate with some local marketing methods that can help your business grow.

 Look to partner with other local businesses that might help you promote yours. Being a friend to fellow businesses by networking in your area is only going to bring more revenue into yours. People will naturally suggest your place of business if they know that you are more than willing to mention theirs in conversations with customers.

Talk to Digital Zetta Marketing Consultants about everything that locally focused advertising can do for you business by calling us today. We’ll be able to analyze the best ways to attack the market in your area to bring in many additional customers for you. 

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